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Design, Renovate, and Develop with confidence

Design, Renovate, and Develop with confidence

Design, Renovate, and Develop with confidence

Design, Renovate, and Develop with confidence

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Site Surveys provide detailed and concise plans, well drafted and easy to read. We help our clients to make informed decisions, renovate and develop with confidence. With over 2000  projects and 30+ years experience, we know that poor information can ruin a great project. We help you to make the best choices based on the available information.

Call us early in the process, we love helping clients and offer good advice, providing the best service to help you achieve your dreams or solve your problems.

We offer expert, friendly experience to help guide your projects. Home owners, designers and developers rely on us to get it right – and we do.

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Renovate with Confidence.

No room for time and budget blowouts?
Want to find the hidden potential in your home or property?

We genuinely want you to have an enjoyable, stress-free renovation. Our site plan is the essential information gathering stage. No one buys a car and then looks to see if the whole family can fit in. A detailed site plan is the first step to getting the renovation you want, on time and on budget.

Don’t let expensive changes and hidden problems diminish your expectations or cause financial stress. Be delighted  in the outcome and impress your friends and family.


Whether your project is a $200,000 renovation or $30,000,000 commercial project, when the project team work together and rely on each other to perform at a high level the project is sure to be a success.  At Site Surveys we work hard to ensure project success by providing comprehensive and well drafted plans that are used by the whole team. These plans form the basis for many decisions.

Our team of surveyors are highly trained to recognise issues that will affect the project. They are all very experienced, will draft the plan of their survey and are responsible for the whole project. So start with comprehensive and accurate plans that truly reflect what’s on site.

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We’re always available to discuss our services. So choose the best property site surveyors for your building project in Brisbane, Ipswich or surrounds, contact the professionals at Site Surveys.

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