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Impress your clients with great design using our comprehensive Site Plan

Enhance the quality of your design work, save time and money, and attract more business. Our highly experienced surveyors know exactly what you need. And all our plans include accurate boundaries.  Your builders will appreciate reliable clearances.

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Our expertly prepared site plans:

building plan site plan surveying brisbane

Complete information for building designers and architects, providing a reliable framework for design.

building plan site plan surveying brisbane

Detailed and easily understood by a potential client. Consultation times produce results.


Avoid disappointing changes. Ensure all design ideas moving forward are feasible (we show actual boundaries), including sewer and storm-water.

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Discover the hidden potential before design. Do we have a view from the deck?

building site plan land surveying brisbane

We work closely with you to create happy clients.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: To keep our clients happy.

By working side by side with our building designer and architects, we are able to provide the necessary information to offer your clients superior service with minimal delays and an exceptionally high standard.

Our focus is to make you look good, to promote and build your business.

Why choose us?

Quality Every Time

Quick Turnaround

Competitive Pricing

We always put a lot of effort into our site plans, so you don’t have to. You can focus on the creative aspect of your work and Impress your clients. Lose the stress over potential complications or costly redesigns.

building site plan land surveying brisbane


How We Work

  1. Notify your prospective client that survey will be needed for the design process.
  2. Request a quote and brief description of work. Demo, reno, extension, lift, shift and extend.
  3. Provide details of the client.
  4. We will send you or the client an authority to complete.
  5. We will reply upon receiving the authority and arrange a time for field work.
  6. Completed plan provided 1 week following the survey in pdf and dwg.
  7. A pdf and account is sent to the customer, and also send a paper copy if requested.
  8. Meet with the client on site with our plan and discuss realistic and thoughtful design.

Let’s Talk

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