Cost of a Site Plan

Where the money and time is well spent

We specialise in helping our customers get off to a great start with their renovation, by  preparing a high quality plan.

It’s like having an encyclopedia of your property on one page.

Great plans help everyone else in the process, the Architect, Town Planner, Builder or Contractor. Get things happening, exchange ideas and save time trying to explain what you have.

A great starting point. Get your pencil out and start sketching -we will send you lots of copies.

Our plans are comprehensive and easily understood,  surveyed and drafted by the same person, maintaining accuracy and completeness of important data. Your plan will help find issues that may arise in construction. Minimise problems in your renovation with attention to detail.

We identify the true position of the boundary relative to buildings (very important). Most other Surveyors will require an additional Identification Survey for this information ($1500-$2000).

Here’s a breakdown of costs for a typical site plan of a residential property in Brisbane:

1.  Research and Searches (Documents)

  • Plans of recent surveys help locate the true position of the boundaries and your building location.
  • Council records of sewer and stormwater alert us to underground services and likely costs of changes if required.
  • Dial Before You Dig – provides us an overview of services to look for and advise


2.  Field work

  • Two trained staff that work as a team but can both operate as surveyor or assistant. Equipment and vehicle costs in excess of $100,000.

4 hours @ $242 = $968

3.  Office calculations and drafting

  • The person who measures in the field drafts the plan.

6 hours @ $121 = $726

4.  QA and oversight by senior surveyor

  • One of our experienced, senior surveyors will help determine the true position of the boundary. and check the plan against our 56 point QA form.

1.2 hours @ $160 = $200

5.  Administration

  • Preparation of quote (in consultation with senior surveyor) and preparing of paper plans and account

2 hours @ $60 = $120

Total Cost $2,200

Example Site Plans

Model 497 Siteplan - 11 Stephenson J:Ben's BackupAcad2000dwg2014879 Siteplans - 15 Tipuana Pl M 489 Siteplan - 38 Westlake Drv Model 337 Siteplan - 33 Amarina


How We Work

  1. You complete the enquiry form with name and address.
  2. Give a brief description of the project. Are you demolishing and rebuilding? Are you moving or raising the existing house and are you building on a boundary?
  3. We will send you a quote outlining what we believe you will need from us.
  4. You complete the form and return to us. (Scan or take a picture with your phone).
  5. We will arrange a time to carry out the survey – if you have pets or the property is rented we need to know.
  6. We will carry out the survey (on site for 5 – 7 hrs) and draft the plan in the next few days. The plan then goes through a comprehensive QA process and when checked is printed and sent out.
  7. We will also send you copies by email and post and include a CAD drawing for your designer.
  8. Get started planning your new project.

Let’s Talk

For more information on our renovation / extension site surveys, whether for properties in Ipswich, Brisbane or nearby areas, contact us today.

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