Development Team

Development is a team game and successful developers have a team of talented  professionals helping them.

Make Site Surveys part of your development team. We assist developers throughout Brisbane and Ipswich with projects from small lot subdivisions to multi-unit, medium rise and light industrial. Our team provide a very experienced “set of eyes” to define the issues that could cause you grief throughout the development process.

Advice that you don’t need a survey or that it can be done later, can only lead to finding problems too late to avoid costly rectification.

NEVER delay survey till after DA. Council will approve almost anything – with conditions. A Site Surveys plan may lead to savings far greater than the cost of information. Compare the profits you stand to make by avoiding disaster and unlocking a property’s full potential.

A site plan is the complete foundation for basing your designs upon so you can hit the ground running and make the most of your investment.

development land surveying brisbane
development land surveying brisbane

Discover real potential

Great design starts with matching your dreams with reality. Start the realistic and achievable design and forget about all the “if’s, but’s and maybe’s”. Get the whole team working together from day one.

development land surveying brisbane

Find issues early

Negotiate from a position of strength. Use our plan for due diligence. Are there any deal-breakers there? Has the vendor and Agent been upfront? It’s not their job – they want to sell.

development land surveying brisbane

Faster & easier approvals

Site Surveys has been preparing plans for Council scrutiny for a long time. They rely on the quality and comprehensive information, we provide, recognising the integrity in our service to clients and the local community. Our clients face fewer information requests and better (more sensible) conditions.

building plan site plan surveying brisbane

The path to a successful development – in our experience

  1. Get a good site plan as early as possible – prior to purchase or under due diligence.
  2. Evaluate potential and problems with the site – recognise issues and seek advice early.
  3. Produce sensible design.
  4. Present Council with a proposal and show how you propose to deal with issues.
  5. Negotiate with Council based upon factual information (sometimes unfavourable to you).
  6. When you receive Development Approval, READ the conditions, do they reflect what is possible on the property?
  7. Do you need to appeal and negotiate?

A good site plan is the developer’s best friend.


How We Work

  1. Please – ask us to prepare our plan as part of your due diligence.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Provide a description of the development and if you are keeping the house.
  4. We will send out a quote (standard prices for MUDs) to sign.
  5. On receipt we arrange a time for survey (notice given if tenanted).
  6. Surveys for due diligence take precedence over other plans and the survey is usually available in a week.
  7. If the project involves a subdivision we will liaise to find a design that works.
  8. We provide the plan as a CAD and PDF, available to all your consultants.
  9. Your project is now set up for the surveying in the later phases of development.

Let’s Talk

Tell us about your project. We’ll be in touch and can get the process started quickly.

You can reach us on 07 3367 0433 or email here and we’ll be happy to assist.

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