Start your renovation project stress free.

Enjoy a stress-free renovation / extension / lift and shift / with a Site Surveys site plan. A quality site plan is the essential first step to ensure all that follows makes sense  and hidden potential can be realised.

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How We Work

  1. You complete the enquiry form with name and address.
  2. Give a brief description of the project.
    • Are you demolishing and rebuilding?
    • Are you moving or raising the existing house?
    • Are you building on a boundary?
  3. We will send you a quote outlining what we believe you will need from us.
  4. You complete the form and return to us. (Scan or take a picture with your phone).
  5. We will arrange a time to carry out the survey.
    • If you have pets or the property is rented we need to know.
  6. We will carry out the survey (on site for 5 – 7 hrs) and draft the plan in the next few days.
  7. The plan goes through a comprehensive QA process and when checked is printed and sent out.
  8. We will send you a copy by email and a CAD drawing for your designer.
  9. Plan your project.

Let’s Talk

For more information on our renovation or extension site surveys, in Ipswich, Brisbane or surrounding areas, contact us today.

Call us on 07 3367 0433 or email here:

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  • Will fences be replaced?
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