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Get More Interest & Faster Property Sales

Selling a house – especially fixer-upper? Renovating for profit? Interested in buying a particular property but unsure of its full potential? Smart real-estate agent?

Utilising a high quality site plan will prove beneficial to all parties involved in the sale of a property.

Not only does this equip renovators, buyers and developers with the tools to plan potential renovations accurately and without unnecessary delay, it also allows you to identify what you can’t do. It’s an essential tool for due diligence and assessing or selling the value and potential of a property.

Apart from the many benefits listed below – it is a renovate-for-profit buyer’s best friend by ensuring the lowest risk, faster turnaround, precise plans and budgets, and easy approvals on all renovations so there will be no unnecessary delays for selling or renting out your property.


Benefits to the Vendor

  • Site plan shows property as it truly is.
  • The salesperson will be very pleased to get it. They may not want to do any additional marketing plan.
  • The sales person may already have a buyer in mind.
    Site plans are extremely useful for selling properties to repeat clients like developers as they can assess the full potential and make an offer without the need to visit the property.
  • More interest. A buyer can see opportunities even from problems. A site plan facilitates quicker sale with good competition which may lead to a better price.
  • Less chance of selling too cheap because of unseen potential. Buyers can bid confidently knowing the value and potential that’s there.
  • Site Surveys offer a flexible payment plan (at settlement).
  • Plan adds value as the new owner will already have it ready to go for any future renovations or extensions.

Benefits to the Buyer

  • Property can be seen as it truly is. You can make your own assessment as to it meeting your needs.
  • The plan is as good as if it was done for you. It is is extremely useful for due diligence and building design.
  • The plan can set a value for the property.
  • If the property is not suitable you may find another use for the land. Site plans are particularly useful for ugly duckling houses which may or may not be worth renovating. Renovation vs knock down and rebuild quotes can be more accurately created and compared.
  • Can get started on project a month (or more) early – saves our fee and you can commence with planning, budgeting, and even designing before settlement.

Benefits to the Salesman

  • Lots of useful information. Plans are comprehensive but easy to read.
  • Surveyors may add more authority (integrity) to the sales process.
  • Less random enquires and more genuine enquiries
  • Site plans help reach more prospects when available on
  • Prospects do their assessments in private with their own consultants. They may have other uses for the property they don’t want to disclose by asking pertinent questions.
  • Many people may be assessing the property at the same time – greater competition.
  • Due diligence can be done very quickly. May lead to a quick sale.
  • The salesman looks a lot more professional to the marketplace – especially to developers. Can use a site plan as part of their professional service.
  • Can sell into other markets – Sydney, China and expats looking to return to Brisbane.
  • Worth our fee in promotion alone. Can demonstrate that the salesperson is thorough, and willing:
    • To help their client
    • To help the purchaser
    • To help their own career – be different

Example Site Plans

For Renovation / Extension

Model Model 497 Siteplan - 11 Stephenson

For Development

1358-development 333 AP - 18 Simpson 448 AP sheet 1 - Bennetts Rd


How We Work

  1. Contact us
  2. We quote for the survey and send you an authority form.
  3. You complete with contact details and sign
  4. We will arrange a time with you to measure the property.
  5. We send the completed plans to you and your agent.
  6. Bingo – its sold

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