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Boundary Retaining Walls

Surveys for

Boundary Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Failing?

If your retaining wall is failing and needs replacing or significant repairs, an Identification Survey          (a formal survey pegging the boundary) is the appropriate survey to show the location of the boundary and nearby structures.

It will be required if parties are in dispute about location of structures.

A Builder may also require this type of survey to ensure that all construction works are on the correct property.

An Identification Survey will be required if the retaining wall is part of a building approval [BA] .

Also, following a BA there will be a requirement for Form 12 certification - that the building work has been constructed wholly on the correct property

Boundary Retaining Walls - 

Who Is Responsible?

Boundary retaining walls are responsible for many disputes between neighbours due to the costs involved in rectification and misunderstandings over who is responsible.

The Surveyor can only show the location of the retaining wall in either a Site Plan or an Identification Survey. We cannot determine responsibility.

We have tried to provide some guidance on this question here

Retaining wall ID Survey IS2935731024_1.png
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