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Welcome to Site Surveys: Enhancing Your Design Process.

We understand the beneficial role that an accurate site plan plays in successful architectural and building design. Our name reflects our close collaboration with architects and building designers. Our comprehensive and meticulously drafted plans help provide visual clarity, for you to convey your ideas effectively to clients.

Our Services for design include:

  1. Full Site Plan:

    • Ideal for major extensions and inner-city properties requiring planning approvals.

    • Detailed and accurate measurements ensure confident design decisions.

    • Comprehensive - no delays due to missing information during the design phase.

  2. Partial Site Plan:

    • Offers the same level of detail but focuses on specific areas (e.g., pool, rear extension, granny flat, or carport.

  3. Site Plan Lite:

    • Perfect for properties in outer suburbs not requiring DA.

    • Excludes unnecessary information -  adjoining houses, fencing, gardens, and minor retaining walls.

  4. Site Plan with Photography and Point Cloud:

    •  Combines a Site Plan Lite with a photographic  ground plan overlay

    • 360-degree photos with walk through covering the entire site.

    • Extract measurements and levels from photos.

    • Tag questions for discussion with clients and others.

    • Ideal for complex buildings and remote projects.

    • Photos also help assess building condition.

    • Autodesk product (Recap) - compatible with Revit

    • 📞Call our office at 3367 0433 or reach out to Julian directly at 0407 592 112.

  5. Floor Plans:

    • Supplied with a window and door schedule (size only).

    • Accurately measured using our advanced 3D laser scanner.

    • Walls drawn square, with irregularities shown

    • Ceiling and lighting plans available

    • Economic 

🔍 Why Choose Site Surveys?

  • Consistent high quality - all relevant data, every time.

  • Consistent pricing

  • Timely and relentless turnarounds

  • Comprehensive plans - process without delays.

  • Always working to improve our services

  • Our goal is your success. 

  • Projects completed on time and within budget.

Let’s Grow our Businesses together




Did You Know?

We Offer Comprehensive 3D Laser Site Scanning too!

Designers Love All The Extra's We Add to Our 3D Laser Site & Building Scans

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