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We know the best way to grow our business is to help you grow yours. Our plans and services are designed to get the project completed and see your owner delighted with the result.

We have a simple philosophy. Our main goal to assist you in providing accurate and timely information that enables you to be a hero to your clients in the most efficient way possible.

Architects & Building Designers use our site surveys because:


  • We locate features and buildings relative to boundary (not fencing).

  • Our plans provide detailed information on neighbouring properties - for privacy and views.

  • Our plans include a separate natural ground plan with boundary clearances for building calculations.

  • Our pricing is competitive and consistent.

  • Our Cad drawings are well drafted, comprehensive and are easy to work with in Revit and Archicad.

  • Our team provides prompt, reliable and responsive service, and measure the site with the project in mind.

A guide to our services

  • Partial Site Plan  

    • Full site plan of half the property

    • Carports, decks, pools or single area extensions.

  • House Location Plan 

    • For simple renovations & extensions

    • floor level, roof heights & ground level at house corners.​

    • Offsets to boundaries

  • Full site plan for building design and DA. 

    • All of the above plus adjoining properties.​

    • Overland flow and flood study.


 **NOTE: All our surveys calculate an accurate boundary position and our plans show the true position of structures to boundaries, meaning that in most cases you can avoid the cost of a Boundary Ident survey for design purposes. You can read further information about Site Plans here or Boundary Ident Surveys here

Landscape Design:

Using scanning technology we provide a specialised service that has proved useful to designers and contractors alike



Did You Know?

We Offer Comprehensive 3D Laser Site Scanning too!

Designers Love All The Extra's We Add to Our 3D Laser Site & Building Scans

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