Thinking of building a carport?


So you have decided to build a carport, but where do you start?


Do you know what can or can't  be done with your site?


Are there any restrictions on the site that may not allow you to place the carport where you want?

Do you know where your boundaries are?

Do you know the fall of your land to avoid flooding?

Are there any utility easements that will prevent you building on?

Savvy home owners and renovators know exactly what to do with their site before they engage a builder or designer. They know the site restrictions so they can start with a clear plan.

But how do savvy home owners get their answers?


With our carport special!

*Please Note: Occasionally some survey projects are far more complex than is expected. While we will always attempt to work within budget we may need to reassess the scope of work.

We will consult with you to determine the most effective way to deliver the best outcomes.


A partial site plan is a comprehensive survey of the rear or front of a property.

This plan provides essential information needed before building a carport.

The plan can be given to the builder or designer to help them with the design and construction of the project.

Partial Site Plan

A Set-out is when our surveyors sets the building out as designed by the designer.

We mark the design layout from the plans to the actual site, this is important so the builders can follow it during construction.

A setout assists the builder to keep the building square and avoid mistakes.

Set-out (builder)

We provide this certificate

after set-out.

All approved construction

work that is either close to a boundary or at the normal setbacks require a certificate from a licensed surveyor to confirm that the work has been done in accordance with the approved plans.



Don't pay thousands for just a simple site plan, to then have to pay extra for the set-out and certification...

Get everything you need and SAVE OVER $500 with our package special.


Get a partial site plan, set-out for the builder

and the certification at the end of the project

for just $1,500!

All services are completed by the experienced team of surveyors at Site Surveys

Unit 2, 28-30 Boothby Street,

Kedron QLD 4031