Carports and Granny Flats may be small projects but the potential for things to go wrong are very real. We recommend carrying out a partial site plan before any design.

Your new building needs to fit into the existing structures on site and any Council minimum boundary setbacks. 

It's a bit like buying a fridge and then bringing it home to see if it fits into the space.



Please note: Your fence is not your boundary. Only a Licensed Surveyor can determine where the boundary lies and provide Certification of location at the end of the construction.

Some of the potential problems are

 - Fitting inside the boundaries and required boundary setbacks.

 - Levels and steps in the access and pathways to the structures.

 - Underground services within the building area.

 - Orientation and privacy for living areas.

 - Access to the building area for construction or  material deliveries 


Our Process

1. We prepare a site plan of the area (front or rear of the house).

2. The building is designed to fit and a builder appointed.

3. We return to site and set out the structure in the approved  position and provide              Certification of building location (Form 16).


Our fee and your Insurance to get things right -  $1500 inc.

Survey Services for Carports & Granny Flats

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What our clients say

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Site Surveys are an important part of my consulting team. Not only do they produce high quality plans, they are fast, reliable, good value and also nice people. Site plans are critical in ensuring that issues are identified early and provide designers the information they need to produce effective plans.


As a builder I have required the services of a surveyor many times over the years. However, since finding Julian and his team at Site Surveys, I will not use anyone else. They are reliable, professional, efficient and competitively priced. Julian and his team are a pleasure to deal with and extremely knowledgeable in their field. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.


It has been many years since your team formed working relationship with my development company. The best part of your company is your professionalism during the work, in particular  some demanding ones with tight and limited time frame. We have appreciated that from you for a long time and will have no hesitation to recommend to our developer colleagues in time of need.

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