Start your Renovation Right.

Starting a major renovation can be nerve wracking! But a few simple steps can help make sure the project gets off to a great start.

Know your site.

  • Get a site plan. This gives consultants eg. Architects, Builders etc., all the site information they need to do their jobs.

  • You'll discover any potential site problems early and mitigate risk.

Work out your budget.

  • Knowing your budget keeps you and your consultant team focused on what's achievable.

Talk to your Designer/Builder.

  • Once you know your site and your budget, talk to your consultants. They'll have the information they need to help you create your dream home.

Know your site and know your budget to start your renovation right.

To arrange a quote for your site plan call our friendly team on 07 3367 0433. We can also recommend consultants to help you craft your dream home.

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