Looking for some Home Reno Inspiration?

As your home becomes your haven over the oncoming weeks of social distancing, you might find your focus shifts from coping with being at home, to finding ways to improve your home. Maybe you’ve thought of renovating, but haven’t had the time to put a plan together?

Now would be a great time to put some thought and forward planning into creating your dream home. Then when life returns to normal you'll be organised and ready to move onto the building phase.

Whether you're interested in DIY projects, sustainability or a more complex renovation - or just want advice on where to start, we have a great list of Aussie reno inspiration for you.

The Lunchbox Architect

The Lunchbox Architect delivers an inspiring (affordable) architecturally designed home or renovation every weekday. Enjoy bite-sized stories that are perfect for home builders/renovators — or just daydreamers.


The Undercover Architect

With 20 plus years industry experience in designing, building and renovating family homes, Amelia Lee is on a mission to teach you what you need to know to make your project a success.

Think of Undercover Architect as your secret ally. Whatever your dreams, your location or your budget ... and whoever you're working with to create your future family home.


Zen Reno

The Zen Reno team teach homeowners ‘how to’ renovate their homes successfully so they can make smart decisions throughout their renovation journey, while saving time, money and stress.


Site Surveys

Site Surveys has been working alongside Designers, Builders, Planners and home owners across Brisbane for over 11 years. We are Brisbane’s residential surveying experts. Visit our pinterest page to check out some of the Brisbane Designers we love. Also check out our website to see how a site plan can help you get your design right.



Green Magazine

Green Magazine is Australia's leading publication for inspirational stories on sustainable design featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles.


Queensland Homes

Queensland Homes provides all the inspiration and connections you need with a beautiful collection of inspirational articles featuring designers, decorators, real homes and builder showcases. Queensland Homes has been one of Australia’s leading home renovation magazines since its first edition back in 1985 – celebrating the unique and enviable lifestyle of Australia’s sunshine state, Queensland!


Queensland Building and Construction Commission

If you’ve decided to build a house or renovate and it’s your first experience, you may feel a bit lost and not know where to begin.

You’ll quickly discover that there are many decisions to make and a lot of paperwork to navigate through. You have to choose a builder, an architect, get a land survey and find out about getting your plans approved. Jump on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website for advice on how to start.


Eco Sustainable Homes

Eco Sustainable Homes’ passion for solar passive design, natural materials, recycling, and sustainability has been inherent in their constructions from the beginning and still continues today. Check out their blog for ecotastic inspiration.


Get the design right on your dream home, while you're at home. Happy Planning!

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