Renovating your home or investment property

but don't know where to start?

Our site plan includes:

  • Contours and levels for steps, house entry location & drainage

  • Service locations of storm water, sewer & water

  • Location of windows and decks of neighbouring houses to avoid privacy issues and maximise views

  • Trees and vegetation to keep or remove

  • If it doesn't move we'll measure it!

With our site plan, you will see the complete picture - ready to plan for the best potential outcome.

Send the plan to designers and builders to start the process.


"With our site plans

YOU are in control!"



Get a site plan quote 

  There are 3 things you definitely want to avoid:  

1. You are half way through a design or construction and you find site

levels are different so you can't have what you want...

2. The builder finds a problem with the design being too close to a boundary

and needs to adapt the construction to achieve the legal set-backs...

3. A sewer pipe was missed in the site conditions and further

approvals are required so the project is delayed...

Start your building design with all the relevant site information.

You wouldn't buy a fridge without measuring the space!

Our site plan will show all the essential information in a clear and easy to understand way.

It's like having an encyclopedia of your property on one page.

All services are completed by the experienced team of surveyors at Site Surveys

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