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Surveys For Town Planners



Welcome to Site Surveys!

We’ve been collaborating with Town Planners, Architects, and Development Managers since 2005. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive Surveying services for a wide range of projects, from small 1-2 lot subdivisions to larger developments of up to 200 lots.

[we do not provide planning services]

Additionally, we’ve consulted on a variety of Town House projects (ranging from 3 to 120 homes), and home units including High Rise towers. However, we don’t handle construction of commercial buildings.

Our approach to servicing Town Planners is centred around preparing for building design and construction. Unlike some other surveyors, our Site Plans aren’t just for planning purposes; they also consider potential future issues that might arise after Council Approvals. We believe in transparency and ensuring that our clients are well-informed of future issues.

While our Site Plan price quotes may sometimes appear higher than those of our peers, it’s because we provide thorough and accurate information upfront. We aim to prevent the need for additional site visits later, which will save time and resources.

As project surveyors, we’ve fostered excellent relationships with developers. By identifying and resolving issues before lodging applications, we contribute to smoother processes and successful outcomes.

For this reason we don’t believe in desktop surveys. 

We understand that problems can exist even if they’re not immediately apparent. We have seen many projects approved with unnecessary and onerous conditions set by Council, often because of a lack of information.


Trust Site Surveys to deliver reliable information for your projects.




Did You Know?

We Offer Comprehensive 3D Laser Site Scanning too!

Planners Love All The Extra's We Add to Our 3D Laser Site & Building Scans

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