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Some Old Homes Have Hidden Potential
Does Yours?


If You're Planning to Sell an Older Property Consider This

That hidden potential may be for renovation or re-development or an entirely different use that you may never have thought of. If it's hidden from you it may be hidden from potential buyers too and that's not at all ideal if you want to achieve an optimum sale price.

People buy for all sorts of reasons and come from far & wide, not just around the corner these days. A very large percentage of buyers here in south east Queensland come from interstate. Some buyers are clever, but many are not and they rely on advice from others such as Architects, Engineers, Builders and Town Planners.

These people cannot give accurate professional advice by just working off a few photos and an address, however by providing them with a Site Plan Survey you give them evrything they need. What's more, there's no need for time consuming and expensive site visits.

A New Way To Sell Old Houses


We provide the tools that help home owners achieve the best price

By exposing your home's true potential to a wide audience & giving them a tool that eliminates guesswork it enables them to act more confidently to pay the best price. In providing factual information it also enables faster decision making resulting in less "subject to" type offers.

Has your home got hidden potential? Our Site Plan will uncover it so you get paid for what your home is really worth!

Why Work With Us

Expose it's full potential
Get a faster sale
Get the best price

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