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Floor Plans For Renovations

3988 Site Plans (Sheet 3 of 4) - Goodstart Woodford - 16-22 Kropp Road, Woodford.png

Floorplans for

Floor plans for renovations are very specialised and should not be confused with the types of floor plans that you might see on a real estate agent's website or being handed out in display homes or seen in glossy brochures

are very specialised

They are specialised for a very good reason - initially they need to accurately show what exists so that your builder or designer has an accurate base platform on which to design and carry out the proposed renovations - no room for guesswork here!

Who wants

Renovating can be demanding enough without being exposed to unwelcome surprises - this is why accuracy is so important at the start of your reno project.

Remember, older homes are very different to newly built homes and hey, that's a big part of the reason you are buying one right?

But they do have issues that can be remedied when you start out right

3900 Site Plans (Sheet 3 of 4) - Goodstart Middle Ridge - 160 Spring Street, Middle Ridge.

3 Things You'll Love About Our Reno Plans

Designer / Builder Quotes

It's much more likely that you'll get an accurate quote from a Designer / Architect if you present them with a Reno Plan when you first meet along with your ideas than you will if they're using guesswork

Multiple Quotes

Armed with a Reno Plan it not only puts you in control but also saves you a lot of time as it enables you to seek quotes from several builders or designers at the same time, and they're all working from the same set of accurate plans

Save Money

Both designers and builders need a base plan from which to work and quote. They will charge you either upfront or in their quote for doing this. The quality of these plans can and often does vary. Having them do the plan will also take time - in fact getting 3 quotes may take 3 times longer and cost 3 times as much

If you're ready to get started on the right foot with your renovation project

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