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Extensions Near Boundaries

Extensions Near to Boundaries

When planning an extension near a boundary it's important to get it right.

Things may look simple enough but boundaries are not always where you may think they are.

Fence location is not necessarily a reliable indicator.

Also the clearance required from the boundary may vary dependent on the type, height and use of the proposed building.

If a Site Plan has been carried out for design any proposed extension will fit within the allowed setbacks.

We will provide a construction setout or building line for the builder. We can then check out and certify his work.

If no Site Plan has been done, the proposed extension and boundary clearances have been calculated by guesswork.

In these situations we need to do additional work to establish the boundary location. This may require a Boundary Identification Survey.

Certification follows all construction close to a boundary or Council setbacks.

We strongly recommend  getting a survey prior to design.

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