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Subdivisions have 2 Stages

Typically there are two types of survey plan involved in land subdivision reflecting two stages in the subdivision process, the first of which is at the beginning, i.e. the application stage.

The  other, namely the second is carried out after approval and all approved subdivisional works are complete and it will show the newly created lots. 

This is a plan showing how you propose to create new lots of land. It reflects what you want to do and may vary from the final outcome depending on the approval conditions set down by the local Council / planning authority.

The plan will show dimensions and areas and any new roads or changes to existing roads. The plan needs to generally follow Council's Planning Guidelines and be consistent with recent approvals and development policies.

Our subdivision application plans are almost always fully comprehensive site plans that also show the proposed new lots, and there's a good reason for this. Not all surveyors do this and most developers doing their own applications will try for a simpler sketch plan for a minor saving. This can, and often does, lead to grief. We advise against it. 

Here's why.

The plan that is submitted and subsequently approved becomes The plan for the project. A cheap incomplete plan is most unlikely to have covered all relevant issues.

This is where you can lose tens of $ 000's of dollars

Don't cut corners at this stage, because it's highly likely that you may need to get another survey, possibly during the Council application process, causing delay and adding to costs, or worse, significant alterations may need to be made to your plans to account for issues that were potentially discoverable at the start.

This can be especially expensive if you need to do this after your approval has been issued - in fact you may even need a new DA.

Pay to get things right enabling you & your consultants to make wise decisions with the best information available.

A full site plan showing all the issues will be shared with Consultants, contractors, Planners, and Council. Thereby everyone is aware of the issues and is working off the same page. 

A good Site Plan will lead to:

  • Saving time with consultants

  • Better design of services

  • less earthworks

  • better understanding of the issues

  • Less and more favourable conditions from Council

  • Savings up to 50 times the cost of the survey.

Go early with this survey. Every delay will cost you money.



The survey plan, sometimes called the 'linen plan', [reflecting the medium on which it was once drafted in a bygone era], is the final stage of the subdivision process and is created to show the actual new parcels of land that  you created  that will now be titled and then sold or built on.

This plan is carefully surveyed and prepared in accordance with the original design that was approved by Council, reflecting all conditions set by Council.

The plan will show the approved Lots and may include easements, covenants and will show any new roads or access.

This plan is prepared after all the 'operational works' required in the approval conditions [DA] are completed and it then needs to be lodged back into Council for approval before it can be lodged into the Titles office and becomes a reality. 

This secondary Council process is referred to as 'Plan Sealing' as it is the Council that will need to sign off and affix their seal.

Only after this has happened can the owner collect the sealed plan from the Council and lodge it into the titles office for registration. Once this plan is registered the lots will gain individual titles, with a title reference such as lot 87 on R.P. 276548, where that 'R.P.' stands for registered plan.

In the subdivision process there may sometimes be a requirement by Council or other bodies such as QUU or Energex for 'As Constructed' plans showing the actual location of any new infrastructure such as sewer or water mains if their was a requirement to provide these items. We also produce these as well as "pre-sale" plans to suit applicable legislation. 
Pre-Sales Plans are prepared to assist with off the plan sales of new units or land developments.

Sample 1 lot into 3 lots subdivision application plan
Proposed sub plan.png
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