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Useful 3D Laser Site Scans

We understand the specific needs of Architects and Building Designers

We offer much more than just a simple point cloud

Brisbane Reality Capture Surveyors


3D Point Cloud Model

A comprehensive 3D representation of the site,accurately measured by the latest technology. These models prove extremely useful in BIM design software such as Revit, ArchiCAD & Autocad

360° Full colour photos

High Resolution 360° photos located in critical areas within the scan, these photos can be used to take measurements & provide more detailed site visualisation, & are especially useful to indentify materials used & assessing conditions

Site Plan

A Site Plan featuring all of the crucial survey data is provided shortly after your scan data. The plan is created by experienced surveyors.

Don't want a plan? No worries - we'll tailor your quote to suit.

Why Use Our Reality Capture for Design?

We Bring The Site To You - enabling you to spend less time on site

  • Site Surveys are Brisbane's 'Reality Capture' specialist for designers, planners and builders of small, medium, & larger sized residential and commercial projects.
  • Experienced Point Cloud Surveying since 2015 with 1000+ residential & commercialprojects completed using Reality Capture.
  • Your data is collected quickly, safely, accurately and cost-efficiently.
  • We offer a fast turnaround with more useful site data than a traditional site survey  - all for the same price!
  • We provide "Survey Control". We are equipped with high end laser scanners and other equipment enabling us to collect site data from multiple site locations. This data is then aligned to boundaries, AHD levels and MGA Coordinates.
  • We take survey accuracy seriously which is why we rigorously ensure the required precision of your point cloud data before we send it.

We'll take all the measurements - Enabling you to focus on design & planning

We won't disappoint you

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