Planning & Building a Carport

Pushing The Boundaries

Planning to build a carport but not sure how far you can push the boundaries?

As building lots become smaller it is increasingly important to make the most of your home-site. This usually means getting as close to your boundaries as possible, both front and side.

Most residential developments in Australia are required to meet specific guidelines, whether through local council, building regulations, overlays or zoning laws. This applies to carports, especially those on or close to a boundary.

Regulations can vary from one zone to another but generally will require construction to be a certain distance from a boundary. This is called a 'setback' and it is likely that the setback from a front boundary will be different to that of a side boundary.

Your building designer will be able to give you advice of what applies for your particular property.

These setbacks can often be changed but it does require a Council application to do so.

Even if you do not intend to build on or close to the boundary it goes without saying that it makes good sense to establish the exact location of the boundary because frequently we find that boundaries are not always where you think. Fences are regularly an inaccurate indicator

Let's cut through the jargon and make the most of your site. To do this you will need a survey.

Typically the types of surveys you need will depend on what stage your carport project is at.

What you will likely need:

Don't rely on fences
Surveys for Carports
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