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The primary reason for having a boundary identification survey carried out is to alleviate doubts about boundary location. While under normal circumstances, your exact boundary location may not be an issue, major landscaping, renovations, or other home improvements by you or your neighbour could raise concerns about boundaries.

Boundary Identification Surveys offer a high degree of accuracy and establish the true position of your boundaries in relation to neighbouring properties. Pegs are placed on the ground to indicate exact boundary locations. 

The survey also records the location of any structures  close to the boundary. If any structure extends over the boundary it may be considered an encroachment

A plan of the surveyed boundaries and any structures or encroachments  is prepared and lodged with the Titles Office, becoming a public record. A notice of the encroachment is sent to all property owners of affected boundary.



A boundary identification survey may be required if:

  1. Neighbours are in dispute over fence location.                        

  2. You plan to build on or very close to the boundary.

  3. You want to erect a new high-value boundary fence.

  4. There is a retaining wall on or near your boundary, and it begins to collapse

  5. You intend to add an extension close to the Council approved boundary setback.

  6. If your dispute goes to a tribunal, such as QCAT, a full boundary identification survey is essential.


  • Provides an accurate guide for your builder.

  • Helps maintain a good relationship with neighbours during construction. (note that fences are often not on the true boundary).

  • Assists in determining responsibility for retaining walls or any encroachments that may endanger your property.



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Better be safe - Get a Boundary ID Survey

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