The straight forward answer to this question is that you may not.

It's not uncommon for us to receive an enquiry from someone who has been told that they need a 'boundary ident survey' however there are circumstances where this may not be the case and a 'fence location survey' may suffice and, if so, we can save you a substantial sum of money.


Boundary Identification Surveys have a high degree of accuracy & establish the true position of your boundaries in relation to neighboring properties.  Pegs are placed on the ground to show exact boundary locations.

They require 2 site visits and a detailed specific type of plan that is lodged into the Titles Office and becomes a public record.

The primary reason for having a boundary identification survey carried out is to alleviate doubt and confusion. Under normal circumstances your exact boundary location may not be an issue, but if you or your neighbour decides to do major landscaping, renovations or other home improvements, your boundaries may be cause for concern.


A boundary identification survey may be required if;

  • Neighbors are in dispute over fence location.

  • You plan to build on or very close to the boundary.

  • You want to erect a new high value boundary fence.

  • There is a retaining wall on or near your boundary and it begins to collapse. [who's responsible?]

  • If there has not been any recent surveys nearby

  • You want to add an extension close to the perceived boundary.

  • If your dispute goes to a tribunal such as QCAT you will definitely need a full boundary identification survey.



  • Provides an accurate guide for your builder.

  • Establishes where exactly your boundary is, [note - fences are often not on the true boundary].

  • May determine who is responsible for the retaining wall, or if it encroaches on or endangers your property.

  • A boundary survey will identify any encroachments.



In some situations you may only need one of these and thereby making a worthwhile saving over a full boundary ident survey, [the cost can be a little as half] however there are certain pre-requisites as follows

  • Agreement between neighbors.

  • Low value fence e.g chain wire, timber.

  • Recent surveys lodged in the local area noted in the public record.

  • No retaining walls.

What We Do:

  • We survey surrounding boundaries - one site visit - lesser degree of accuracy but still within 30 mm approx.

  • Locate the fence line.

  • Place construction markers [often offset] ready for construction.


Please Note: Some boundary surveys can be very difficult and time consuming if there have been no recent surveys. Prices may vary as some areas may not have been surveyed for many decades. We always strive to give you honest straight forward advice and guidance.

Partial site plan 91 Pine Rd Aspley.png

Please note: This is not a boundary survey - it's a partial site plan [property details removed]


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