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A building location certificate - Form 12, is a Government form that refers to a building's location, or its height or both.

It informs the building certifier that the construction has been built in accordance with the approved plans and may be. 

Certification is a usually a requirement for completing construction, particularly when homes are being raised and especially if boundary clearance relaxations have been applied for.


Occasionally we receive requests for a form 12 at the completion of construction. However the appropriate time to check the construction is before the builder prepares the footings.

If there has been no survey at this stage the location of the proposed construction is being determined by guesswork.

We recommend that a Building Set Out Survey be undertaken to avoid mistakes and future issues. Certification is always required when building close to a boundary or on approved boundary clearances.

In areas where there has been no surveys for many years. a boundary survey will be required. This is mandated by Government regulation.


Post construction check surveys are often more difficult than a building set out and may attract a substantially higher fee than a building set out.

Important: Please, in addition to requesting a quote, attach your BA Plans & also your DA [only if you have one] to an email - send to

Form 12 certificate site surveys brisbane
form 12 certificate Site Surveys brisbane
form 12 certificate Site Surveys
form 12 certificate site surveys brisbane
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