Building location and height certification are two services, which are generally required together.


A building location certificate precedes a Form 16, which is a Government form that demonstrates the building has been built in accordance with the approved plans and may also inform the building certifier that the construction has been built in accordance with the approved height.

Certification is a usually a requirement for completing construction, particularly when homes are being raised and especially if boundary clearance relaxations have been applied for.

We also carry out location surveys for people requiring a 'pre-purchase' survey inspection who have concerns about some aspects and potential encroachments of property they are considering to purchase.


It is important to understand at this stage what is meant by 'approved plans'.

For most residential jobs they will be the Approved Building Plans [BA] however, if the project required a Development Approval [DA], then the conditions of the DA override the BA. Usually the BA plans will have been drawn in consideration of the DA, though sometimes that hasn't been the case which can lead to complications and delays.

The use of a site plan  before the start of a project helps ensure the building's design and construction are accurate, helping to make final building certification a faster and smoother process.

Important: Please, in addition to requesting a quote, attach your BA Plans & also your DA [only if you have one] to an email - send to

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