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How much does a Survey Cost?

Quick Answer: It varies depending on the type of survey, the size of the property, the topography and other factors. Below we outline two of the most common types of residential surveys.

Cadastral (Boundary ID) Surveys

Boundary survey prices are determined by the history of survey in your area and can vary greatly , even across the street or several houses away.

Before we visit your site there are a variety of public records searches that we need to conduct and fees to outside bodies that we must pay. Aside from that the cost is largely a factor of time spent by the survey team in and around the site gathering the necessary data. This can and will vary from one site to another.


All our Boundary surveys are carried out to making sure neighbouring properties are not adversely affected by our positioning of your boundary. This is a lawful requirement. This requires us to search the records of all local surveys. 

If there are no close surveys we need to measure further, to connect to other surveys. It is not uncommon to find inconsistencies in publicly available surveys and records. Over the years, we have completed many surveys throughout Brisbane and fortunately, unlike many others, we have maintained a digital database of those surveys which greatly enables us to offer clients a timely and complete service at a competitive price.

Survey marks left in the street by surveyors are to assist in later surveys. Unfortunately many are destroyed over time by council work  or general decay of footpaths and kerbs.  Prices quoted are often a reflection of how many recent surveys are available to us.

Once data is collected in the field our survey draftpersons back at the office will spend several hours interpreting the data to prepare a plan and report, which then must go through a rigorous QA process. A copy of the plan is required to be lodged in the department of lands as well as being supplied to our client.


Throughout this process we use a variety of expensive equipment the costs of which are amortized over its useful life, adding another element of cost to the survey.

Site Plans - Contour & Detail Surveys

We quote each request based upon our client's project needs and the complexity of the site.  Where possible, we try to keep to a standard price, depending on property size. We also need to look at the difficulty of establishing the boundary location (as above).

A site plan is a valuable tool to assist in correct and good design -  leading to efficient building keeping within budget. We produce a comprehensive plan that contains much detail, tailored to meet the likely needs of the proposed use, and is well drafted. We also offer an electronic digital copy at no additional cost. Our prices reflect the time spent in the field, the gathering of additional council information and a rigorous QA process. 

Cheaper prices from other surveyors, if offered, will be a reflection of how much time they spend in the field. A lower price is usually a reflection of less information being gathered leading to a less detailed plan and a greater chance that something is missed, potentially resulting in the need to request another site visit at additional cost. We aim to provide a tailored solution that suits your project's needs. This is why we ask you for as much detail as possible in our adjacent form, to try to ensure that you get what you really need and do not end up paying for more than you need.

For a more detailed explanation of survey costs and other types of survey you can find a fuller explanation by clicking here

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  • Occasionally we may need to speak with you prior to quoting to gain clarity on your project needs.

  • If your quote request is for a building set out or provision of any certification it will facilitate & speed up the process if you are able to email your plans to

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