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Site Surveys have been providing quality plans and surveying services to property developers as an integral part of project teams across the Brisbane region for over 13 years.

We've completed projects ranging from small duplex developments to 60 lot land sub-divisions and multi lot home unit and town house projects.

Our plans are well drafted, relevant, are provided in a timely fashion and are able to be used extensively by all team members.


We provide a variety of detailed plans including;


It's About Teamwork & Experience

Our survey team will join seamlessly with your team and can provide a very experienced set of eyes to identify issues, provide expert advice, quality service and detailed plans for your proposed project. We can provide what's needed by way of survey at each critical stage of your project in a timely efficient manner so that works progress smoothly.

TRY US - You won't be disappointed - though you may be surprised at our competitive pricing considering both the service and quality of work we provide. - These people think so anyway

Please feel free to make contact or get your Project Manager to give us a call

We're ready to join your Team

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