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Site Surveys started life in Lutwyche with founding director, Julian Parsons, in the early 1990's. Some 20 years later in 2012 we started to map our surveys on Google maps, some of which can be seen on the left here.

In the first 15 years of practice Julian also taught surveying in the Commercial and House Builders Registration courses at Ithaca TAFE, teaching builders survey essentials, and how to best set out houses.

These builders often complained about the problems they constantly faced, namely having to deal with poor site information and inappropriate design. It was this experience with builders that led to the recognition of a market need for more quality site information led to us creating a new "industry leading  plan" and re-branding ourselves as 'Site Surveys'.

Launched in 2006, Site Surveys' focus was to bring higher quality information to designers, other building industry professionals and home owners, most particularly in 'early stage' planning, enabling all engaged professionals to thoughtfully research a project prior to commencement.

Identifying potential site problems early minimizes delays, keeps projects on budget & leads to best design outcomes.

Apparently that philosophy has worked well as Julian now leads an ever expanding team of dedicated Surveyors, Draft persons and Administrators who, if you read their glowing Google reviews and testimonials, continue to delight building industry professionals and the broader Brisbane community as well. You can read those reviews or more about our journey by clicking one of these 2 buttons below.


Nick Gregg - Renovator

We're working with Grace Song of Arkspace Architects on a project to extend our home and Grace recommended Site Surveys. I can see why she did!

Site Surveys delivered brilliant detail - second to none!

Affordable too - right within our budget and we can now rely on the most accurate and superbly detailed drawings for all future needs.

Peter Ambler - Homeowner

It is refreshing to have service & follow up.

I am appalled at the lack of communication/service from so many professionals in the construction industry. Site Surveys were competitive & did not require full payment prior to engagement as some did. We paid the account within 24 hrs of receipt & would happily recommend them.

Martin Doyle - Developer

Site Surveys did the field work followed by the various steps to comply with the DA and construction for a 4 unit Townhouse project at Coorparoo.

They were totally professional and always very knowlegable and helpful, and at times patient when necessary.. Their fees are fair and I would definitely use them again and recommend them .

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