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Suburban Homes

Surveys for New Builds

Here, when building new, we're essentially talking about a vacant lot, starting over.

This applies even if the lot has existing buildings which you plan to demolish and start afresh.

In these circumstances there are likely to be only two [2] types of surveys you will need.

1. siteplan


Suburb Neighbourhood

SITE PLAN: In these circumstances what needs to be detailed are important existing structures that are to be retained. There is no point wasting time and money detailing things that are to go. The building designer is most interested in site levels contours and dimensions, significant vegetation, boundary fences and retaining walls or the need to provide them as well as crossings to the street, any street furniture like bus stops, council trees, services, meters, hydrants etc.. Remembering that the site is likely to be substantially cleared. Other important considerations are the footprint of adjacent buildings including decks etc for potential privacy considerations when designing.

Modern House

IDENTIFICATION [id] SURVEY: This will likely be required when setting out the new structure PRIOR to commencement of construction and for certification on completion. It is also required for any proposed works on or close to any boundary. These works are often, or should be, carried out prior to construction of the main new build, such as boundary fencing or boundary retaining walls, bearing in mind that earthworks required for the new build may necessitate the construction of retaining walls. It's always better, and easier, to do these prior to the main construction for a variety of reasons, one being ease of access for machinery and materials.

2 More Important Considerations

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