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What Does Your Project Involve?

Guidance - not just Advice:

We provide a variety of plans to suit your project. If you're a little uncertain just give us a call and we will discuss your project and  suggest the most cost effective survey.


For many projects a quality site plan is the essential first step to ensure all that follows makes sense and any hidden potential can be realised.

Please note! When ordering a survey for your project(s) it's very important that you consider ALL of the project, rather than piecemeal bits as this will very likely save you money.

Following is a guide or suggestions as to the type of survey that will likely suit different project scenario's.

  • Raising the existing house

  • Moving or extending the house

  • Internal Renovations only

  • Building a new pool, granny flat or carport

  • Demolishing and rebuilding

  • Building a fence

  • Retaining walls 

  • Any building project requiring a

       Development Application (DA).

  • Finalising your building project.

  • Landscaping

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