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Thinking About Building a Granny Flat ?

There's quite a bit more to it than you might at first think


Important - we don't sell Granny Flats - this is unbiased information

Because Councils require people building Granny Flats to get a Survey we get to see a lot of Granny Flats & people often tell us about things they wish they'd done at the beginning but didn't think about - things like how much space did they really have after allowing for legally required setbacks from boundaries and their house. Also things like levels, the need to excavate or build retaining walls, connecting to services etc etc.

There are lots of issues you need to consider before starting your Granny Flat journey - Not just  do I need a building approval or how much will it cost

In a free Ebook, we've covered 11 of the major one's you definitely should consider that you'll probably live to regret if you don't.

You can download it now with our compliments - no obligation & no need to register your name or leave your details

Ready Now?

If you're ready now to get things started with your granny flat you'd be wise to move quickly as granny flats are back in demand again considering the rental crisis here in South East Queensland. 

It's a process that requires a building approval, part of which requires identifying where boundaries and other improvements are & having required set-backs.

On completion a form 12 building location certificate from a registered cadastral surveyor is required.

Getting a granny flat survey early is a proven way to ensure the process is seamless.

Ask us for your granny flat survey quote now - there's no obligation at all

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There has been a surge in demand for Granny Flats due to the rental crisis. You can read more about this here

We're not in the business of building Granny Flats  - Our advice is unbiased and freely given
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Granny Flat Designs and Building Plans

Granny flats, also referred to as Secondary Dwellings or Auxilliary Units are often separate additions within older, and well established properties, or an extension of the existing home.

As such the plans require a building approval and are subject to building setbacks and other regulations such as fire.

Being a Building Approval [BA] process a Survey and Certification must  be carried out. It's a requirement - you need it!

It makes a lot of sense to get the survey at the beginning of the process enabling the designer or builder to get it right first time and avoid potentially expensive delays and amendments.

There are a variety of costs associated with getting a Granny Flat. These include Council application and inspection fees, Surveyor's fees, plumbing and drainage connections, electricity, phone and internet connections, and possibly earthworks or retaining walls. Download our Ebook because there other things too.

Granny Flat Costs

You can read more about the types of surveys for Granny Flats- click here

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